Legal Notice

ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE, in accordance with the regulations regarding the protection of personal data (Law 15/1999, 13th of December), and the present regulation regarding services of the Information Community and of the electronic commerce (Law 34/2002, 11th of July), presents hereby the general conditions of usage, that must be applied to every operation made through this web-site: (inquiries, job applications, budgets, orders etc.).

1. Legal Data

ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE, S.A.,with social address in: Pol. Ind Boroa Parcela 2b 4-5, 48340 Amorebieta and tax number: A48- 181929, owner of the domain, which is properly registered in the Company registry of Bilbao, according to the Law 34/2002, 11th of July.

2. Intellectual property

The rights of the intellectual property of the web-site, so as of its different contents are property of ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE, S.A. It is completely forbidden to make any change of this web-site. ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE, S.A., does not assume any responsibility, that can result from non authorized manipulations or alterations of the web-site. ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE, S.A. does not provide any licence or authorization of usage of any kind of its rights regarding the industrial or intellectual property or of any other property or right related to the web-site, the services or the contents.

It is completely forbidden the total or partial copy of the contents of this web-site without quoting its origin or without applying an authorization for it. The non authorized usage of the information of the web-site and the damages caused to the industrial and intellectual property rights of ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE, S.A. will give rise to the correspondent legal actions.

3. Usage conditions

This web-site has been created by ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE with an informative aim for your personal use and without any cost for you.

a) Licit usage

The user of this web-site and of their services is obliged to make an adequate usage according to the laws and to avoid using the web-site and their services with illicit aims or consequences or with the aim of damaging the rights and interests of third person. The user will avoid any usage that can damage, or cancel the web-site or their services or that would impede the normal usage of the web-site or of the services by other users. Those users who do not attend this obligation will have to respond to ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE and to third person of any damages that could have caused as a consequence of the not fulfilment of this condition.

b) Guarantee of mistakes

ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE, S.A. does not guarantee the inexistence of mistakes at the access to the web-site or in its contents; in case that official publications are quoted or reproduced on the web-site the aim will be purely informative. It must be considered valid the publication in its correspondent official page.

c) Availability of the service

ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE, S.A. reserves ones right to make any time and without informing about it modifications and updating of the contents of the web-site or of its configuration.

ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE, S.A. does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the functioning of the web-site and of their services. When it is reasonably possible the interruptions of the web-site and of their services will be announced previously.

ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE, S.A. excludes liability with regard to the damages of any kind, that can result of the not availability or continuity of the web-site and of their services. It also excludes liability of the wrong usage that users can make of the web-site and their services, it also excludes liability of the deficient functioning of the web-site and their services, and particularly, but not exclusively, excludes liability of the deficient access to the different pages of the web o to the pages from which the services are offered.

4. Responsibility regarding the usage of the information on the web-site

The user is aware and accepts voluntarily that he/she is the only person responsible of the usage of the web-site, their services and the contents. Both the access to the web-site and the usage that can be made of the contents of it are responsibility of the person who uses them. ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE, S.A. will not respond of any consequence or damage, that can derive from the access to the web-site or from the usage of the information or from the usage that can be made of the information to support any personal or commercial opinion or decision. ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE, S.A. does not assume any responsibility derived from the contents of the links of other webs, that are mentioned on the web-site.

5. Protection of the personal data

If to access to any of the pages or services of ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE, S.A. it is necessary to give personal data, we inform hereby that this data will be treated conforming to the present laws regarding the protection of personal data. The received personal data will be included in a file, which has been registered in the General Register of Protection of Personal Data.

ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE, S.A. fulfils the present regulations regarding the protection of personal data, following the administrative and technical processes to guarantee the security of the received data.

The privateness policy of ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE, S.A. provides the user the possibility to access to their personal data to modify or cancel them, by sending a letter to ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE, S.A.: Pol. Industrial Boroa, Parcela 2B 4-5, 48340 Amorebieta or with an email to

6. Applicable law and place of venue

The usage of this web-site is regulated by the Spanish law with independence of the legal ambit of the user. Any conflict that can arise from the interpretation of this conditions will be resolved at the jurisdiction, where ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE, S.A. performs its activity.

In case that you provide us with your email address, we understand that you are allowing us to send you communications regarding the services of ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE, S.A..

7. Adaptability and Brand usage

All pieces stated in this document are not original but they are a perfect match for the vehicles they are intended to, being equivalent quality products according to the EU Regulation 461/2010. Carmaker Brands & Logos as well as OE Reference Numbers are only used with the purpose of specifying the vehicle the piece is applicable to. All such Carmaker Brands & Logos and OE Reference Number displayed in our documents are an exclusive propriety of their respective lawful owners.